Know All About Car Finance Deals

It is estimated that about four in ten personal loans availed in UK are for buying cars. After house, purchasing a car is considered as a major investment by many. While many are able to drive away with a brand new car, some others are contended with a used car. In the past only those who possessed ready cash could buy an expensive car, but the situation has definitely improved today, with the arrival of car loans.

Depending upon the cost of the car and your repayment capacity, many kinds of financing options are available in the car market. You may buy it directly from the manufacturer, you may avail a car loan from your bank, you may find it at an auction place or you may contact a car dealer. Garages are also an option. Supermarkets also have cars on sale. Then there are friends, relatives or neighbors who may be selling their car. And if you’re not so sure there are specialists out there willing to offer their service.

One such option is PCP or personal contract purchase in which an initial deposit is submitted initially followed by monthly installments. At the end of the contract period, the final lump sum amount is paid and the car becomes solely yours. You can also switch over to another car and continue making repayments or simply return the car to the owner. But be careful- since you don’t own the car during the contract period, so any default in repayments and the car may be repossessed. The second option is Hire Purchase (HP). This is almost similar to a bank loan in which you pay monthly repayments for a fixed time period and at the end of the agreement the car is yours. Contract Hire financing gives any business the freedom to lease out new cars without buying them.

Any one with a good credit report can easily get standard bank loan and it gives you the freedom to purchase your car from anywhere. Direct lending is also possible with financing companies and credit unions. Secured car loans may require you to pledge your property against the loan amount. Unsecured loans do not involve pledging any property. One may get up to 20,000 under this scheme. Bad credit car loans are available at higher interest rates with private dealers and financing companies. But they may require you to buy car from a certain dealer. The most common type of car financing involves the dealer and the buyer. A contract is fixed and the buyer agrees to pay the amount financed plus interest for a fixed period. The dealer usually sells the dealership to a bank or financing company which then manages the repayments. Online car loans are also becoming a popular option among many who want a hassle free deal in the comforts of their home.

All of the above options have many merits as well as draw backs. While a PCP loan keeps your monthly payments lower than a personal loan; a personal loan has the lowest annual percentage rate (APR) among various car finance options and doesn’t have any arrangement fees. The disadvantage with HP is that you don’t own the car during the hire period.

So, how can you ensure yourselves to sort out the best car finance option? Simply shop around. Extend your search beyond your bank. Many online financiers have car loan calculators for comparing various deals. Know in advance the interest that you will be paying. Get the terms and conditions in written form. Go online with a specialist broker if you are in doubt, all these with your repayment capacity in mind.

Part 2 – Get Business Financing – What to Offer a Lender and Establish Corporate Credit

What do you have to offer a lender?

You’re Family & friends may lend you money because they love you. Even then they may ask for security as will most lending institutions.

Maybe you have collateral to offer, depends on how much and what kind of collateral that can be secured for your start-up business or existing business.

o Real estate. Generally speaking, you can borrow up to 75 percent of its value minus any mortgages.
o Stocks and bonds.

o An automobile that has equity.

o Collectibles, such as art, rare coins, antiques.

o A life-insurance policy that has a cash value.

o Good credit with a particular bank. On the strength of it you might get a personal loan for several thousand dollars.

o Money in a savings account from the bank you are borrowing.

o A co-signor. A person with an outstanding credit rating can cosign your loan, agreeing to be liable if you default.

o Equity in your business. This is what you offer a venture capitalist.

What is the Risk factor for a lender?

When starting your business consider the risk of the loan for a lender. The amount of risk determines whether you are likely to get the loan, and how much interest you will pay for the loan. The interest or cost of the loan depends on risk.

If you’re applying for a very high risk loan from a banking lender, the chances are you will be denied the opportunity, if for some reason a lender wanted to take this high risk loan opportunity he would certainly charge you a very high interest rate of return for the money. Keep in mind the banking industry in general is not in the business of taking chances.

On the other hand, if you were offering a real estate property worth 30 percent more than the loan, and property could easily be sold, you reduce the risk to the lender, in turn receiving a much lower interest rate.

All financial institution/individuals will expect a return on their investment in relation to the risk they take. Basically, risk in a financial sense can be divided;

1. Liquidity

a The ease of converting the secured collateral into cash. Example Cash deposit or Bank CD

2. Security

a. Protection required by the lender or investor to ensure that the borrowed money will be returned.

b. Protection required by the lender or investor to ensure that the borrowed money will be returned.

c. May be in the form of a specific lien against a piece real estate or any of a number of items of value pledged to the lender in case of default.

Keep these basic facts about risk in mind as you plan your strategy for obtaining a business loan. I will discuss how to get ELOC’s Corporate Credit or Business lines of credit FOR YOUR BUSINESS in a separate article.

Plan now & save yourself cash flow problems in the future.

Ins and Outs of Auto Finance

There are several ways of saving money on your next car loan. The easiest research you can do is right from your own computer. By using the Internet, you might find that often times the best financing comes from non-franchise, independent financing companies.

Usually they will offer the better deal to you, just so they can continue to compete with bigger companies. Dealer financing is usually more expensive because they are using your credit rating while working with banks. There is money to be made from the financing, sometimes even more than off the sale of the vehicle itself.

Did you know by using your home equity that might be the best way to lower interest payments? Typically, a home equity line of credit and a home equity loan will provide lower rates than traditional car loans. This is simply because they are secured against the value of your home. You can even itemize the interest on your federal tax return and it will be tax deductible.

A HELOC usually has the lowest interest rate in the beginning, just be cautious since the rate is variable. This will leave you open to the possibility of payments increasing if the rates do as well. This is considered the better option if your loan is looking at 36 months or less in length.

Anything over that, a fixed-home rate equity loan is ideal. This has a guaranteed rate for the entire term and would be the best financial choice. Always keep in mind that you are using your home for collateral, so make sure that you never miss a payment.

Watch out for zero interest loans. This might sound appealing, but not if you are giving up a substantial rebate. If you decide to finance and take even a 5% rebate that could add up the savings over a time period on your loan, better than taking the zero interest in the beginning.

Consider increasing the down payment toward the vehicle. The idea of no money down sounds good, but usually you will make up for that within a year of car payments. It might be better to hold off on the purchase until you can save more for the down, which will help you to save a lot more money in the long run.

Take a look at your credit report and know your score before entering a dealership. There might be errors that could hurt your rating when the dealer runs a check. If you have time to work on your credit score, hold off on the purchase. Take care of unpaid credit card bills that might be negatively impacting your score.

Lenders take into account your credit score and their rates are a direct result from them. If you improve your credit, you might be able to get a better rate.

Car payments have been made affordable for many people through leasing, where you are not paying the complete purchase price for the car. There are online calculators that can help you compare the best auto loans.

A monthly lease payment is usually less than monthly loan payments. Some new cars can be leased for as low as $200 a month, some for even less. Unfortunately, through leasing you lose any resale value once the lease is up. If leasing works for you, watch out for specials if you want the best deal. As with any contract, read the terms and conditions surrounding your lease before you sign.

Make sure to completely read the terms of the lease and know whether the advertised monthly payment includes sales tax and fees. If you are paying a larger than average down payment to secure the lower lease rate, take that into consideration as well. A lease is the best choice for someone who is not fiscally sound.

Know when it is considered the best time to buy a car. Fall is the season when auto makers would like to get rid of their older models, to make way for the new. Auto financing rates can be reduced greatly if you purchase at the right time of year. Financing a car is sometimes the only way possible for the purchase to be made.

Make sure you completely understand your loan and how much you are going to be responsible for. There are good deals to be found, just keep in mind the ins and outs of auto finance so you will get the best financing rate possible towards the purchase of your vehicle.